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Key Projects

Peru Focused Junior targeting near term;
  • High-quality resource base: Precious metals (Au, Ag).

  • Base metals (Cu, Zn, Pb)

Strategic Project Generator Model
  • Fidelity Minerals is at the advanced stages of assembling a high quality project portfolio based on the Strategic Project Generator model. For more information, visit the Corporate Strategy section.

  • Through the Strategic Project Generator model, Fidelity Minerals is focused on the origination, acquisition and advancement of proprietary project opportunities located in Northern Peru. For more information about why Fidelity Minerals considers Northern Peru to be a highly prospective region, visit the North Andean Mine Map.

Flagship Resource Projects
  •  Fidelity Minerals has amassed a large portfolio of foundational projects across a world-class mineral belt in Northern Peru; Greater Las Huaquillas, Las Brujas, Porphyritic Copper, and Cerro El Bronce.

  • The acquisition of these projects provides Fidelity Minerals with a strong platform from which to delineate substantial mineral resources with the view of attracting larger partners, in time, to fund the more capital-intensive phases of resource appraisal.


World-Class Resource Potential - (ownership 44.5-100% FMN)

  • Cornerstone position in a world-class mineral province with historical resource (445,000 oz Au, 5,300,000 oz Ag).

  • Historical drilling has identified two copper porphyries with significant mineralization, and potential to define substantial resource.

  • Central 9 concessions (~3,600 Ha) that host the historical mineralisation (Core Las Huaquillas, FMN: 44.5%). 

  • Additional 9 contiguous concessions (~3,800 Ha, FMN: 100%)

Big Gold Resource Potential - (ownership 100% FMN)

  • Highly prospective gold project located within the world-class "Yanacocha External Caldera" region.

  • Historical sampling at the project includes mineralization grades of: 10m grading 1.5g/t Au (surface chip samples).

  • Previous exploration at the project identified an apparent geochemical signature that appears typical of an epithermal precious metal system.

FMN Slider Great Las Huaquillas.jpg

Large-Scale Copper Target - (ownership 100% FMN)

  • Porphyritic copper mineralization identified at two key mineralized zones approximately 4,000m apart.

  • Historical sampling at the project indicates peak mineralization grades of between 0.36% - 0.66% Cu at the Upper Zone and higher grades of >1% Cu at the Lower Zone

  • Potential that the two mineralised zones represent exposed sections of a typical Cu-Mo Porphyry system.

FMN Slider Porphyritic Copper.jpg

High-Grade Gold Mineralization - (ownership 100% FMN)

  • Highly strategic project concession package hosts significant copper and gold mineralization.

  • Historical sampling at the project indicates peak mineralization grades of:

    • up to 6.8% Cu, and​

    • up to 20.3g/t Au​​

  • Several copper minerals have been mapped across the project, as well as high-grade gold mineralization.​

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