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Mining Sector in Peru

Financial Environment Snapshot

Half of income taxes paid by a mine are remitted as “Canon” by the Central Government back to the regional & local authorities of where the mine is located, providing strong alignment for project development and operations.

FMN Mining in Peru Map.png
Recent Transaction Activity

The extent of major transactions at both the project & corporate level across the metallogenic Andean mineral belts of Peru & Ecuador have markedly increased since early 2018. As an early mover into Northern Peru following the emergence of Ecuador as a world-class mineral exploration region, Fidelity Minerals is well placed to become a key player in this highly prospective region flanked by world-class projects to the south and frantic corporate activity to the north in Ecuador. The relevance of the Company’s Strategic Project Generator model has been validated by recent corporate transactions, including numerous project-level transactions in Ecuador and Southern Peru where the majors are aggressively acquiring large-scale copper and gold targets.

Due to recent exploration success in both Peru and Ecuador at a time where large resources are becoming harder to discover in other parts of the world, the North Andean region is experiencing increased interest by major mining companies. A summary of recent transactions is outlined in a Map of the North Andean World-Class Mineral Provinces, developed by Fidelity Minerals. In order to View Map, click here.


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