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Corporate Strategy

Strategic Project Generator Model

Following a systematic review of how value is best created by junior miners, both during and across various stages of the mining cycle, Fidelity Minerals has developed the state-of-the-art Strategic Project Generator (SPG) model. The SPG model combines the key advantages of a prospect generator, mine owner, royalty and streaming company, to develop a business model with enhanced exposure to project success, at a lower cost, with a materially enhanced risk-reward profile.


Fidelity Minerals is leveraging its in-country experience to identify, evaluate and acquire proprietary project opportunities, which are otherwise not available to larger market participants which would otherwise be prepared to acquire comparable projects at a much higher valuation.

Fidelity Minerals Strategic Project Gene
Sustainable Value Creation

Fidelity Minerals is adopting a simple but effective Corporate Strategy for creating long-term sustainable value.

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